Elegant red mini v-neck long sleeve thick blazer that also doubles as a mini dress with a pleated tail down the side. Amazing fit with a buttoned closure down the front. A perfect option for any event, absolute wardrobe staple for a perfect red hot totally modern Jessica Rabbit look. Rare find.

Blazer Dress: Best fits a S. Flat Measures Approx. 28 in Length (39 in Length with tail) x 34 in Chest x 18.5 in Hips x 14 in waist (Fabric: Tagless, feels like thick designer fabric)(Photographed in direct light and indirect night time light)

Model is S, 5 ft 4 inch tall x 26 inch waist x 36 inch hips x 30 inch inseam x 34B bust. Please review shipping & returns on website. Items are authentic vintage and are subject to imperfections. Please refer to our policies before purchasing.