Stunning vintage rhinestone leggings featuring mesh along the leg & two heart pockets in the back. Low waist & button front closure along the inner thighs. The pants are a legging style. It can be worn with a t shirt, a brasier or a silk blouse.

LEGGINGS: Best fits a 28 inch Waist x 34/36 inch Hips x 8 inch Rise x 31 inch Inseam x 37 inch Length of Pants (Brand: No Tags x Style: Leggings x Marked Size No Tags x Fabric: Feels like a Spandex Cotton Blend)

Model is S, 5’4 inch tall + 26 inch waist + 36 inch hips + 30 inch inseam + 34B bust. Please review shipping & returns on website. Items are authentic vintage and are subject to imperfections & some subtle stains. Please refer to our policies before purchasing.