Amazing sand brown high waisted jeans with a button front closure. Classic 501 tapered trousers by Levi's. Five pockets, red tab.

Trousers: Fits 30 in waist or smaller by desired fit. Model is wearing a belt for a tighter waist. Flat measures approx. 37.5 in L x 11 in rise x 27 in inseam x 22 in hips x 15 in waist (Fabric: 100 Cotton x Marked W32/L30)

Model is S, 5 ft 4 in tall x 26 in waist x 36 in hips x 30 in inseam + 34B bust. Spots & stains have been dry cleaned. Please review our policies, shipping & returns on website. Items are authentic vintage & are subject to imperfections.